In our ENEPAT consultancy we provide treatment with the latest BICOM OPTIMA mobile biorezonator, 2nd Generation.
Our goal is to help people achieve health and vitality without pain and pain without side effects.
Biorezonance is a method that can detect the causes of illnesses such as allergies, asthma, metabolic disorders, immune disorders, psychological problems, and motion apparatus, and so forth.
This method measures and evaluates the bioenergetic frequencies of the cells of the human body. The organisms can function properly, assuming the correct transmission of information between cells. Communication between cells takes place using certain frequencies called lightning light. These are specific for each type of cell.
If there are toxins – bacteria, viruses, molds, heavy metals, and so forth, there is a disruption of communication in the cells and their surroundings, and there are several levels of disturbance – energy, information, meridian to somatic. the formation of diseases of the tissues, organs and organ systems. Health can be disturbed.
With the BICOM OPTIMA mobile device, the 2nd generation can detect the types of toxins and the organ systems are loaded with them. Appropriately chosen procedure can gradually remove these loads from the organism and thus put it in equilibrium.Obnovuje the self-regulation ability of the organism.

For which biorezonance can help:

• Strengthening energy and psychic stability
• Harmonization and detox of the organism
• limiting allergic loads
• Disposal of viruses, bacteria, molds and parasites from the body
Migraine, menstrual and various other types of pain
• anti-stress therapy
• Acute and chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, including the small and large intestine
• autoimmune diseases
• Rheumatic problems
• neurodermatitis
• hormonal imbalance
• Insufficient immunity of different origins
• lack of minerals and vitamins in the body
• Non-invasive wart removal
• Get rid of the taste of cigarettes, sweet, alcohol, and others
• weight loss
• Heavy metal, electrosmog and geopathic zones

First visit to counsel

The detection, ie the detection of the toxic load of the organism, is done using the BICOM Body Check system, which records the body’s own information at the vibration level. The electromagnetic form of the detected values ​​is transformed into the BICOM Body Check into various interpretation factors and compared to the spectral analysis data. will appear on the monitor in the form of geometric curves and shapes. The client can monitor the state of its entire body. The BBC does not only evaluate the individual organs, but also their functional contexts in the whole system, as well as possible imbalances.

At first, you will learn:
– your body’s current energy status
– blockages of energy paths in the body
– the body’s load with organic and inorganic toxins
– you undergo basic harmonization of the psyche and
– energy stabilization
– We will remove the possible electrosmog load and the impact of geopathic zones on your organism

After therapy

After completing each therapy, the client will receive a chip that will be able to use it for further counseling. The client’s information from the therapy is uploaded in order to support and stabilize the effects of the therapy. The chip is attached to the client’s body or placed under a glass of water Drinking Drinking after treatment is important to allow the released toxins from the body to go away. We recommend to drink a min. 1.0-1.5 liters of pure, non-saturated water within 3 hours of therapy. At least on the day of therapy, we recommend not drinking beverages containing caffeine and alcohol. On the day of therapy we recommend resting without increased physical and psychological effort.

And what next?

The number and timing of subsequent therapies depends on the type of problem of each client.
Chronic problems are recommended after approx. 1 week. 5 visits.
Acute problems can be treated every day.
During the following therapies, we support the excretory organs of the kidneys, the liver, the lymph and the detoxication systems of the organism. We will begin to bring out specific weights by therapy related to the indication.
Even after successful detoxification, we recommend that you receive 1-4 times a year bioremediation treatment in our counseling center for precautionary reasons.

Restrictions on bioresonance use

Critical states and suspicions on them as npr. heart attack, anaphylactic shock, diabetic coma, hypoglycaemic shock, apoplexy, etc. in urgent medicine and can not be treated primarily with BICOM bioremediation therapy.
For forensic reasons, we do not treat clients for the first three months of pregnancy.
In patients taking immunosuppressants, the use of BICOM therapy is contraindicated.

WARNING: Biorezonance does not replace standard medical care and medical treatment.

However, our method can work effectively together with standard medicine to improve the health of our clients. And that is our goal.


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